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Finding your child’s intelligence through multi-intelligence.

Recently I read in the commentary print section of Channel News Asia with regard to how a hyper-competitive culture is leading to anxiety in our children and this gives me a lot of thoughts.

Earlier this year, when Jessica went for her yearly review with her developmental psychologist, she was flagged out as having anxiety issues and thus referred to the clinical psychologist. I mentioned to the clinical psychologist that Jessica has been struggling with math and comprehension and has no issues with other subjects. Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT) was done on Jessica to help her cope with the anxiety issues, but I know deep down that this issue will be harder to get over with.

Though I have reiterated time and again that I am not grade-oriented and that I really want my children to enjoy learning more than just passing with flying colours, I realised that unless I homeschool them, there is no way that I can escape from the expectations from school that academic intelligence is needed.

For now, I know that Jessica is not academically inclined, but I'm exploring what other intelligence that she has. One day after school, she told me that she wants to be an artist. I was very happy when she told me that, and I said, "That's great! I would love to see you become an artist in future. Let's get you started by taking art classes to refine the way you draw and help you be successful in it! But at the very minimum, you will need to pass your exams so that you can make this dream happen."

For a very long time, I haven't seen Jessica so happy before. She loves making crafts, and draw and illustrate them into her self-made Little Popo story series. To help her understand how illustration works, I bought storybooks drawn by children around her age to show her how it could be done.

I'm glad that psychology has helped me understand a lot more, not only on human behaviour, but being a better parent too. Module after module, I get a lot of light bulb moments where I could improve myself and be a better parent. Parenting is not an easy journey and I am still learning in this process.

There's no perfect parent either for we are all human beings.

So instead of forcing our children to be academically inclined, let's explore what other intelligence that they have and build upon their strength instead.

A happy child learns better when we teach them the way that they want to be taught.

So here's what I found on how you can find out what's your child's intelligence. I personally find this really useful! Let's discover what talent does our child have and strengthen that intelligence instead!

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