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Movement can improve learning.

Incorporating movements into learning helps to increase the amount of oxygen going to the brain. Movement based learning can also cause changes in neurotransmitters (the chemicals that carry messages in the brain and help make new learning pathways). Hence, it helps to unlearn and relearn more effectively.

Studies have also shown that movements can help improve children’s social skills.

Even as adults, movements can help to deepen and accelerate our learning and development.

We offer programs designed not just for academic learning but also long-term development, personal and professional growth using Brain Gym and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), through fun and engaging ways.

What is Brain Gym®?

Founded by educational therapist Paul E. Dennison, Ph. D, together with his wife and partner Gail E. Dennison in the 1970s, Brain Gym® is a unique program of physical activities that synchronises the body and mind to enhance learning and achievement for people of all ages and abilities.

Studies have shown and published around the world that Brain Gym® movements produce measureable gains in physical and learning skills as well as academic performance. As the field developed, experience shows that Educational Kinesiology (“Edu-K”) benefits people at all levels of daily life activities – from stress and behavioural management to athletic and musical performance.

The foundational activities and methods of Brain Gym® are safe, easy and enjoyable, and they bring about rapid and often dramatic improvements in the following areas:

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Brain Gym® Programs in Singapore

We run various workshops and classes on Brain Gym® in Singapore. Below are our upcoming class schedules and details. Please check back this page for updates of our future sessions.

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More about Brain Gym®

Brain Gym® is a registered trademark of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation, USA and Brain Gym® International. 

Visit www.braingym.org for more details.

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Your course instructor

Angela Lim Brain Gym instructor and NLP coach

Angela Lim is a registered international Brain Gym® Instructor and Consultant. She is also an NLP Certified Master Practitioner. Her passion in combining Aromatherapy with Brain Gym® has led her to present her knowledge of combining both modalities at the Edu-K Conference at Portland, Maine, USA in 2016. She also conducted a workshop combining essential oils and Brain Gym® at the inaugural Young Living Convention at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in February, 2018.