Events & Classes

Benefiting parents, coaches, educators and students with Brain Gym® and Movement Based Learning.

The Balancing Act is grateful for the opportunities to be able to add value to the community with Brain Gym® and movement based learning.

Through the various workshops, programs and classes, we have empowered parents, coaches, educator and students to connect with their physiology, emotions and cognitive function in a quicker way so that they reach their full potential in a faster way.

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Past Workshops and Programs

Brain Gym® Workshop for CDAC

Brain Gym workshop for CDAC event 2019 singapore group 2

Honoured to be invited by Chinese Development Assistance Council to conduct a Brain Gym workshop at their event, in Mandarin no less! Glad to hear feedback from the participants on how they feel a difference just by doing PACE, a 4-step learning readiness movements that helps in bringing the brain - body connection almost immediately!

Brain Gym® for Early Childhood Workshop Brunei

Brain Gym For Early Childhood in Brunei 2019

Thank you Brunei for the opportunity to share Brain Gym For Early Childhood to the preschool teachers and the people from the Ministry of Education. 

Dyslexia Talk for Awareness Week for CHIJ

Dyslexia Talk for Awareness Week for CHIJ (Kellock) 2

Grateful to be invited back to CHIJ Kellock again this year to conduct a talk about dyslexia to the Primary 1 and 2 students for the school's Awareness Week. Awareness Week is about being aware of the different learning needs of their friends who have struggles with reading, writing, spelling and listening, and bringing inclusiveness of children with different learning abilities together.

Having been working with children with dyslexia as an Educational Kinesiologist and being a parent of a child with special needs, the work of helping children with dyslexia not only falls on the shoulders of professionals.

There are many things that schools and students can help their peers who have struggles to improve their lives. By educating students from a young age about inclusiveness, this helps instill values and empathy in these young hearts. In the process, skills such as being patient and extending a helping hand when their friends need help will become a natural process for them to grow into empathetic adults in future.

Photo credits: CHIJ Kellock