Want to create a robust and sustainable learning ecosystem in a diverse environment for your organisation?

In our culture driven by results, we focus so much on ‘what we want to achieve’ (performance outcomes) and undermine on ‘what we do each day’ (developmental milestones) that will support us in achieving what we want.

At The Balancing Act, we recognise the importance and value of balancing performance and development.

That’s because performance is backed by consistent development.

This rings true especially having consulted schools, social enterprises, non-profit organisations, and professional institutes from special needs to adult learning and development.

Every effort in creating a conducive developmental environment plays an instrumental role in improving performance outcomes.

Drawing from her expertise as an educator and parent dedicated to promoting an inclusive education system, Angela brings with her practical and professional insights and strategies to schools, institutes and social enterprises in creating a more robust learning ecosystem. Her specialty is in bridging gaps in learning, communication and human development among people of various capacities and differences.

The journey is just as important, if not, matters more than the destination.
partnership and consulting

Partnership and Consulting

To explore consulting or partnership opportunities with Angela on a project or campaign basis, please contact her at