Are you shortchanging your ability to excel and grow?

Think about this: everything that you experience, comes to you through your brain and the whole aspects of your body.

Given our brain-body complexity, a quick fix won’t work.

In reality, this can be counterproductive to your performance and development.

To thrive, grow and succeed in today’s and tomorrow’s world, we require a multi-faceted approach or a whole person approach.

By whole person, it isn’t just working on the mind or brain alone. Our body, emotions and lifestyle habits play huge roles as well.

When you feel stuck trying to come up with new ideas, sitting at your desk to rack your brain won’t help. Going for a walk and move your body might better facilitate your creative thinking. When your body is under prolonged stress, you find it difficult to complete even a simple task. 

humans are meant to move

Humans are meant to move.

Apart from just the physical fitness of our body such as strength and endurance, specific movement plays a major role in emotions, learning and relationships. The body is intimately involved in all our thought processes, understanding, emotions and decision making. However, as our lifestyles are primarily sedentary, most people don’t move enough and in an optimal way that promotes well-being, learning and development.

When we engage our brain and body effectively and improve our lifestyle habits, we help to increase neurogenesis, the process of creating new neurons, or brain cells, which will then improve our entire life. Only by a holistic lifestyle upgrade, not just changing or attacking ONE “thing,” we are then able to achieve powerful and sustainable results.

A growing body of research shows that movements increases blood and oxygen flow, which positively affects cognitive development, physical health, and mental well-being.

the balancing act special needs coaching

At The Balancing Act, we adopt a whole person approach to learning and cultivating our clients’ potential to operate at their highest level.

This comes through two levels of work.

The first level is by intervention where clients work on guided methods and movements to resolve a specific set of challenges, to attain their desired outcomes and to perform effectively.

The next level is by development where clients also look at tweaking their lifestyle habits, mindset, manage their emotions and communication patterns to support the intervention work for improved outcomes and performance.

In addition, our strategy complements with other modalities that clients could be undergoing, in order to support their outcome.

Through an inclusive and customised approach in our methodology, resources, coaching, workshops and programs, we deliver a safe, fun, creative and nurturing experience to bring about a proper balance in all aspects of our lives, which empower us to grow and to expand our capacity to live our best.